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Floating or Indie Subscriptions, with Support Services.

Download and evaluate our 30-Days Free Trial. Purchase the Indie subscription (node-locked) with community support or the Floating subscription granting access to all our support services. We release frequent updates with bug fixes, new features and improvements, many of which come from working closely with our customers. We have earned the reputation for providing very quick feedback along with outstanding technical support and engineering services.

All licenses are covered by the Multiverse End User License Agreement (EULA).

Frequently Asked Questions

Site Licenses

We can offer site licenses to large organizations and strategic partners. Site licenses are an ideal solution for organizations that elastically scale without the need to worry for the number of licenses. Site licenses also cover potential outsourcing partners to which we provide temporary licenses. Contact Sales if you are interested to discuss about purchasing a site license. For the Chinese market we exclusively offer our products under a Site License scheme. For further informations please contact our Chinese reseller Jadason Technology which has offices in Hong Kong, Beijng, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Indie or Floating

Indie Licenses are "Node Locked" (meaning per-machine and non-transferable), while Floating Licenses are distributed by a license server over a network. If you are planning to use Multiverse on more than one computer concurrently, you need to purchase multiple licenses (as many as the number of computers you wish to use concurrently). For more informations on installing Indie licenses, check out our license installation documentation.

Qualify for Indie

"Indie" subscriptions are for independent artists and are ideal for users that want to generate USDZ files for AR purposes straight out of Maya to be used in Apple iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. We are not picky about who should qualify as an Indie: we do not impose any limit to the number of Indie Licenses one can purchase, nor to the annual revenue of who purchases them. The only limits are that Indie licenses are node-locked, they can be only purchased online, and only one at a time.

Indie Subscriptions

You can update your credit card details at any time and continue a subscription with a new credit card if you so choose. You can unsubscribe from a subscription at any point. Once you have unsubscribed, you’ll be removed from the update list, and we’ll automatically stop charging your credit card. You can find here more FAQs about subscriptions.

Floating: Interactive and Render

An interactive license is checked out when used within the context of the interactive/gui version of the host application (e.g. Maya). A Render license is checked out when rendering, either from the host application or from a standalone rendering command (3Delight NSI renderdl and Arnold kick). Finally, if a Render license is requested but is not available, then an interactive license will be used instead (if available). Note that Multiverse licenses are per-host: this means you can launch as many instances of the DCC App (e.g. Maya) or the renderer (e.g Arnold) from the same machine, and still use 1 single license. For more informations on installing floating licenses, check out our license installation documentation.

Other Renderers

Support for other renderers may be added in the future. Adding support for other renderers can be also done under a custom engineering consulting contract. Contact Sales for more informations.

Support Subscription

One year of support service subscription includes technical support assistance and access to all the software updates (new features, performance improvements, bug fixes) for a period of one year from the purchase date. This includes minor releases (about monthly), as well as major releases during the 1-year period.

Educational Licenses

We believe our volume pricing scheme for floating subscriptions is already very attractive for schools, therefore we do not offer further discount for educational institutions (with the exception of site license for large educational sites). Likewise, individual students may refer to the Indie license.


We offer quarterly support rentals for a minimum of 10 floating licenses, for a period of 3 months (quarterly). We do not not offer Indie rentals, as the price of Indie is already very accessible to independent artists. Contact sales for quarterly rentals of floating licenses.


Japanese Pricing

The Japanese pricing already factors-in the reseller fees.


A license includes software updates for one year from the purchase date. If a license is expired please Contact Sales to renew it.

Buying Multiple Indie

You can purchase as many Indie (node-locked) licenses as you wish, however Indie licenses may be only purchased one at a time, and solely from the website.

Refund Policy

We provide a functional 30-days Free Trial to anyone. We also provide temporary evaluations on a case by case basis. Therefore, typically, we do not offer refunds. However, refunds may be given to customers of Indie licenses. If you want a refund for your Indie license please contact us and, provided there is a logical motivation, we will issue a refund.

Payment Methods
Floating Licenses
We accept credit & debit cards payments (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) through Stripe Billing as well as bank wire transfer to our bank in Japan (Mizuho Bank). Our resellers may offer additional payment methods. The service charge for credit card transactions is 3.6%, while the service charge for international wire transfers is 25 USD. Credit card payments are confirmed within 24 hours, while bank wire transfers may take up to 3 days to confirm (but you may be eligible to receive a temporary license key in the interim).
Node-locked "Indie" Licenses
We sell Indie licenses exclusively online via Gumroad: all service fees are included.

Payment & Licenses

The license keys, along with the software download information, are sent by e-mail when payment is confirmed. To obtain your floating license keys, you shall provide to us your license server HostID by providing it via e-mail at Note that for node-locked "Indie" license keys, you may optionally submit your HostID the time the payment. Please refer to the Licensing Guide for more informations on how to install your license, if in doubt about what is your HostID please feel free to contact us. Licenses are covered by the End User License Agreement (EULA). Licenses are issued by J CUBE, Inc. Yokohama, Japan. Find our company informations below.

Permanent Licenses

In line with the recent industry trend, our main licensing scheme is subscription-based. Having said that, permanent licenses are still available on a case by case basis: a permanent floating license is priced US$ 720 (plus US$ 240 for yearly support), while a permanent Render license is priced US$ 240 (plus US$ 80 for yearly support). In Japan, a permanent floating license is priced JPY 99000 (plus JPY 33000 for yearly support), while a permanent Render license is priced JPY 33000 (plus JPY 11000 for yearly support). Contact Sales or our resellers if you are interested in permanent licenses.

Company Informations

J CUBE, Inc.

Head Office
Room 605, Marine Building
Kaigandori 4-23, Yokohama
Kanagawa 231-0002, Japan

Company Data
Type: Kabushiki Gaisha (Stock Corporation)
Status: Independent, Privately Held
Representative: Paolo Berto
Establishment: June 17, 2013
Business Outline: Software development, system engineering, software as a service, visual effects and game development, consulting services.

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