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Multiverse In


Multiverse In is a KATANA 3D Op that reads Alembic files generated in from Maya by Multiverse for Maya's Asset Write and reconstructs the Maya hierarchy 1:1 into the KATANA scene graph. Full support of polygons and subdivision surfaces geometry and relative geometry attributes. The whole asset hierarchy is preserved and presented in a KATANA-conforming way, yet completely matching the original Maya one and therefore facilitating the transition from Maya to KATANA.

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Multiverse MaterialX Resolve


Multiverse MaterialX Resolve is a KATANA SuperTool that translates shading networks stored in MaterialX files (.xml) and allows you to transfer them from Maya to Katana in one click. Shading Nodes are completely organized in groups that expose the main features of the surface and displacement node, automatic assign nodes are created, and in the case of Arnold, automatic ArnoldObjectSettings is built and assigned for those materials with displacement. Fully native shading nodes from Maya to KATANA translation is supported for 3Delight and support for Arnold 5 is available for Arnold nodes only. Material resolving is powered by MaterialXS, the "eXtra Small" Python implementation of MaterialX.

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