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Brand Multiverse for KATANA – the ideal solution to effortlessly bring complete Autodesk Maya assets in The Foundry KATANA as Alembic and USD data generated in Multiverse for Maya.

Write out Maya assets complete of look development using Multiverse for Maya, then, in KATANA, read Alembic data using Multiverse for KATANA and automatically resolve entire shading networks via MaterialX. Currently supporting all native Maya shading nodes as well as native 3Delight shading nodes. All shaders are using OSL and are rendererd, procedurally, with 3Delight for KATANA.

New — Introducing bleeding edge Maya → KATANA interoperability via USD with full support of static, animated, deforming geometries complete of many attributes, on both Windows & Linux.

It is also possible to use Multiverse "Git" back-end for Alembic, which provides history, versioning, natural data de-duplication, compression and internet protocol mechanisms, thus opening the door to push/pull publishing of Alembic files over the network.

Multiverse for KATANA is brought to you by J CUBE Inc. We are based in Tokyo, Japan.

The plug-in is available for the new KATANA 2.5 on Windows and Linux as a fully functional version for evaluation. Please check the EULA or contact us for any further informations.

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2-Weeks Trial


Version 4.2.0Release Notes

Maya 2015 → 2017
Katana 2.5+
Windows / macOS / Linux

Hyperspace 1.0.0

Alembic 1.7 / USD 0.7.4

Brand 3Delight Studio Pro
Free Commercial Version


Version 12.0.148RelNotes

Maya 2015 → 2017
KATANA* 2.5+
Win* / macOS / Linux*

Multiverse for KATANA

Brand Multiverse for KATANA — Key Features

NEW! — Ability to read USD data (both with the Crate and ASCII USD formats) KATANA for Windows & Linux. This allows users to efficiently read USD geometries and properties that were generated from any Maya versions (2015 → 2017), on any platforms (Windows / Linux / macOS) using Multiverse for Maya.


USD Primitive Read

subdivsComing soon! — Note that you can tag poly as subdivs in KATANA.
instancesPartial support — Work in Progress!

USD Attribute Read

STwith multiple UV sets support.
vertex colorswith multiple color sets support.
display color
custom attribsComing soon!

From Maya to KATANA: effortlessly!

Introducing a one-click solution to bring complete Maya assets into KATANA via Multiverse ABC and USD* caches: write out Maya assets with polygons*, subdivs, attributes*, cameras*, particles*, look-dev and lighting using Multiverse for Maya, then read in KATANA and resolve geometry, attributes, lights, shading networks and reproduce 1:1 matching imagery with 3Delight for Maya. Optionally use Multiverse ABC caches with history using Multiverse ‘Git’ back-end.

1:1 Hierarchy Preservation

The hierarchy of your Maya scene is fully preserved and always natively accessible in KATANA after reading your ABC and USD cache generated with Multiverse for Maya. This allows users to quickly adapt to KATANA and benefit from selective material assignments, matching light rigs, attribute overrides, copy/instancing ect. All this in a KATANA-compliant workflow and without the need to use a custom UI or look files.

Lighting: Delta, Area & Mesh Lights

Maya lights are naturally transferred from Maya to KATANA via ABC with full support of Maya areaLight and 3Delight geometryLight. Maya "delta lights" (spot/directional/point) are also transferred. Additionally arbitrary Maya shading networks on any light parameter are fully supported as OSL shading networks in KATANA.


Lookdev: OSL Shading Networks

Any arbitrary Maya shading network consisting of any Maya and/or 3Delight shading nodes is written in Multiverse ABC caches via Multiverse for Maya. They can then be read in KATANA using the MultiverseIn 3D Op and then resolved with the MultiverseLookResolver Supertool. Thanks to 3Delight for KATANA all Maya shading networks are supported with OSL.


Integrated with 3Delight for KATANA

3Delight for KATANA is a production-strength rendering solution for KATANA. It introduces an artist-friendly rendering workflow built on top of an extremely high-performance OSL rendering core. Key benefits include layers, Multi-Light with real-time light mixing, interoperability with Autodesk Maya via Multiverse, and physically plausible materials. Includes an advanced frame buffer, 3Delight Display, as standard.

Revisions & History

Unlock the full potential of the Multiverse "Git" back-end for ABC: keep the history of your ABC asset, select, roll-back, compare versions of your data interactively within KATANA, load automatically an asset at its last revision ("HEAD"), and more in general open the doors to more interesting workflows. Especially interesting implications when versioning shading networks from Maya.

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